1992 Summer Acting Programme Alumni Course, Royal National Theatre, London
1977 - 1981 Drama Institute, Târgu Mureș, Theatre Faculty, Class Constantin Codrescu, Ph.D

Professional activity

1997 – 2006 actor at Odeon Theatre
1981 - 1997 actor at Youth Theatre, Piatra Neamț

Theatre parts

Odeon Theatre

Belarius in Cymbeline by William Shakespeare, directed by Lazslo Bocsardi
Lopahin, Ermolai Alexeevici in The Cherry Orchard by A.P. Cehov, directed by Sorin Militaru
The Father in Fireface by Marius von Mayenburg, directed by Felix Alexa
An assistant in The Dead And The Living by Ștefan Caraman, directed by Ana Mărgineanu
Mister Kovacic in People Annihilation Or My Liver Is Pointless by Werner Schwab, directed by Sorin Militaru
Gypsy Chief, Dominican monk, Inquisitor monk in Saragosa – 66 days after Jan Potocki, directed by by Alexandru Dabija
Co-production SMART, Odeon Theatre and “Theatre der Welt/Berlin” Festival, under the aegis of THEOREM, a programme coordinated by “Festival d’Avignon”
Evdokim Zaharovici Jigalov in Wedding with kidnappings after "The Wedding" by A.P. Cehov and "The Sabine Womens" by Leonid Andreev, directed by Beatrice Bleonţ

Youth Theatre Piatra Neamț

Little man in The dwarf from the summer garden by D.R. Popescu, directed by Nicolae Scarlat
Minel, Thief in Seven peals of laughter by Tudor Popescu, directed by Alexandru Dabija
Spirt in The bride without voice by Ben Jonson, directed by Alexandru Dabija
Adam in These hypocrite lunatics by Teodor Mazilu, directed by Nicolae Scarlat
The Blind Man in Well mother, but those people tell in the second act what happened in the first act by Matei Vișniec, directed by Nicolae Scarlat
Secretary of the clearance committee in Garden party by Vaclav Havel, directed by Emil Mandric
Window-Commissar in Accidental death of an anarchist by Dario Fo, directed by Nicolae Scarlat
Tipătescu in A lost letter by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Nicolae Scarlat
The Professionist in Operetta by Witold Gombrowicz, directed by Cristian Pepino
Tympani in Angels Town by Sam Shepard, directed by Nicolae Scarlat
Prospero in Prospero's book after W. Shakespeare, directed by Sergiu Anghel
Conscience of K. / Priest in The Trial by Franz Kafka, directed by Alison Sinclair
Guss in The dumb waiter by Harold Pinter, directed by Alison Sinclair
The demon in Cinderella 94 after Charles Perrault, directed by actors
Man with stick in Pockets full of bread by Matei Vișniec, directed by Nicolae Scarlat
Bussman in R.U.R. by Karel Capek, directed by Alexandru Dabija
Captain in Cesar, the buffoon of the pirates by D.R. Popescu, directed by Nicolae Scarlat
Mr. Smith in The bald soprano by Eugen Ionescu, directed by Louise Dănceanu
Fabrizzio in Piazzeta by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Silviu Purcărete
Du Anjia in Zhao, the orphan by Ji Jianxiang, directed by Alexandru Dabija
Daddy in The tou of words by Alexandru Dabija on THE BOOK WITH TOYS by Tudor Arghezi, directed by Alexandru Dabija
Creon in Antigona by Sofocle, directed by Mihai Măniuțiu
Don Pedro in Much ado for nothing by W. Shakespeare, directed by Alexandru Dabija
Guard I in De La Chaire au Trone by Amadou Kone (performance in French at the Francophone Festival, Limoges, France )


LE RECORD produced by Atlantis Film
LA FILE DE RASOIR produced by Atlantis Film
PHILANTHROPY directed by Nae Caranfil
HIGHLANDER 4 produced by Castel Film
COWBOYS AND ALLIENS produced by Castel Film
REPORT OVER THE STATE OF A NATION directed by Ion Cărmăzan
MERCENARY TRAP directed by Sergiu Nicolaescu
DREAM HOUSE directed by Ion Cărmăzan
BLUE SLED directed by Ion Cărmăzan


Best Performance for Children at The International Theatre Festival Piatra Neamț for THE TOY OF WORDS (1996)
Best Performance at The International Theatre Festival Piatra Neamț for ANTIGONE (1996)
Best Performance for ZHAO, THE ORPHAN, awarded at UNITER Gala (1995)
Best Performance of the Year for THE DWARF FROM THE SUMMER GARDEN (1986)


Birthday: June 22, 1955