Veronika Decides to Die

after Paulo Coelho, directed by Gelu Colceag


Veronika: Cătălina Mustaţă
Dr. Igor: Florin Zamfirescu
Veronika's mother: Irina Mazanitis / Liana Mărgineanu
The chief nurse: Carmen Tănase
Zedka: Valeria Sitaru
Mari: Olga Bucătaru
Pacients: Virginia Rogin, Jeanine Stavarache, Angela Ioan, Ana Maria Moldovan, Paula Niculiţă, Crina Mureşan
Paulo Coelho: Mircea Constantinescu
The Sufi master: Mircea N. Creţu
The young doctor: Relu Poalelungi
Eduard:  Ionuţ Kivu

Directed by: Gelu Colceag
Stage design: Constantin Ciubotariu
Choreography: Roxana Colceag
Dramatization: Gelu Colceag and George Bănică

Tours and Festivals

The Comtemporary Drama Festival, Brasov, 2004

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Opening night: November 19, 2003
Duration: 2h 45'

Press reviews

In Colceag’s staging, we witness the death and rebirth of a young girl, who finds her true self only when facing death. We see someone getting rid of prejudices and of feeling life is pointless. We see a girl trying to find a way to survive, under the sign of love… The director has managed to make all his distribution to work as one. This renders the performance fluency and coherence. The audiece discovers its meanings progressively and doesn’t get bored one minute.
Eugen Comarnescu - Cronica Română, 11 noiembrie 2003