by Alexandru Kiriţescu, directed by Alexandru Dabija


Aneta Duduleanu: Dorina Lazăr
Wanda Serafim: Ana Maria Moldovan
Margareta Aldea: Elvira Deatcu / Paula Niculiţă
Colette Duduleanu: Carmen Tănase
Fräulein: Virginia Rogin
Lena: Ionel Mihăilescu
Zoia: Constantin Cojocaru
Zamfira: Antoaneta Zaharia / Dana Voicu
Mircea Aldea: Marius Stănescu
Georges Duduleanu: Petre Nicolae
Ianache Duduleanu: Pavel Bartoş

Directed by: Alexandru Dabija
Stage design: Vittorio Holtier
Costumes: Irina Solomon

Tours and Festivals

Bucharest Art Week, October 16, 2015
draMA Contemporary Theatre Festival at Odorheiu Secuiesc, October 6, 2015
Excelsior Teen Fest, Bucharest, September 29, 2015
Stars Gala – VEDETEATRU, Buzău, June 7, 2015
Tour in Brașov, May 11, 2015
Theatre’s Biennial Eugene Ionesco, Chişinău, June 14, 2014
Festival "Elvira Godeanu Days”, Targu Jiu, May, 20, 21, 2013
"Toma Caragiu" Theatre Festival, Ploiești, 2011
Tour at Caracal, May 2, 2011
Tour at Călărași, April 11, 2011
EuroArt Festival, Iași, May 04, 2009
VEDETEatru Festival, Buzău, May 15, 2008
Pucioasa tour, November 20, 2006
Kids and man's Stories Festival in Alba Iulia, October 5, 2006
Tour in Focșani, March 28,2006
The Theatre Festival in Piatra Neamț, 25 October 2005
The Romanian Drama Festival, Timișoara 2004
The Comedy Festival, Bucharest 2003
The Contemporary Drama Festival, Brașov, 2002
The National Classic Theatre Festival, Arad 2002
The National Theatre Festival “I.L. Caragiale”, Bucharest 2002
The National Comedy Festival, Galați 2002


CONSTANTIN COJOCARU– Award for best female performace at the Theatre Festival, Piatra Neamț, 2005
CARMEN TANASE– Award for best supporting role at the Romanian Drama Festival, Timișoara, 2004
DORINA LAZĂR– Award for best actress at the National Comedy Festival, Galați, 2002
PAULA NICULIȚĂ– Mention for interpretation at the National Comedy Festival, Galați, 2002

Photo Gallery

Opening night: the 28-th of May, 2002
Duration: 2h 30'

Press Reviews

Alexandru Dabija stages the comedy The Rattlers with smiling ferocity. Vittorio Holtier’s sets, an ensamble of carpets and old furniture, and Irina Solomon’s rich and polychrom costumes, render a poetical sublimation to the human universe that seems to have been taken out of an old photo album.
In this atmosphere, under Dabija’ s magic wand, the team from Odeon performs very homogenously, with rigour and vigour.
Ludmila Patlanjoglu – Curentul, June 2002
The director Alexandru Dabija goes beyond the humor of the lines and situations, that is well-known to the audience. The performance renders an authentic world, with small or ample gestures, with verbal tics and not only, of an infinite sadness, that still haunts Oltenia, even nowadays.
Marina Constantinescu – România Literară
It’s a contemporary performance, in a mysterious way. The director’s sensitivity is contemporary, as it is the way in which he organised the rattler’s world, subtly measuring the comical parts, the suggestions, the rhythm.
Victor Scoradeț – Cotidianul, June 2002
The new staging of Kiritescu’s bitter comedy at the Odeon Theatre apparently keeps the classical contours, but modern elements are subtly introduced with a guaranteed effect. The most spectaculous are, of course, the two rattlers, Lena and Zoia, played by Ionel Mihailescu and Constantin Cojocaru. They emphasize the grotesque dimension of the characters.
Cristina Modreanu – Adevărul de Week-end, June 2002
The performance at the Odeon Theatre can be regarded as a theatrical event. The director made the play seem almost new, with unbelieveble nuances. The staging is highly complex, as is the performance of the actors.
Ionel Popescu – Independent, May 2002