by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Dragoș Galgoțiu


Don Marzio, Neapolitan gentleman: Cornel Scripcaru
Ridolfo, cafegiu: Constantin Cojocaru
Pandolfo, chief: Mircea Constantinescu
Trappola, salesman at Ridolfo; Ionel Mihăilescu
Lisaura, ballerina: Camelia Maxim
Agabito, hairdresser: Laurenţiu Lazăr
Eugenio, merchant: Marius Stănescu
Flaminio, as the Count Leandro; Dan Bădărău
Placida, Flaminio's wife: Anca Neculce
Vittoria, Eugenio's wife: Oana Ștefănescu
Mr Pandolfo Girls: Cristina Constantinescu, Oliver Ojog

Directed by: Dragoş Galgoţiu
Stage design: Vittorio Holtier

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“La Bottega del Caffe” imagine some gossip, some jokes and some trivial small disasters before the Grand Venetian Carnival starts.
Shade the city paintings, words quick, masks, exotic, fireworks exploding in the theater scene, reminding us of our need to allow ourselves entranced by what is fleeting and futile, for a few moments trying to animate our frivolous needs theater.

Dragoș Galgoțiu

Press Review

“La Bottega del Caffe” brings us one by one in the foreground, various "characters", recognizable here and elsewhere: Eugenio merchant, with his weakness for playing cards, women, and yet, for his wife, portrayed with remarkable nuance and subnuance by Marius Stănescu; clevetitorul Don Marzio which lend Scripcaru Cornel spirit, intelligence and charm paradoxically, played by dynamic Ridolfo - Constantin Cojocaru, owner of tripou Pandolfo - Mircea Constantinescu glove for a role, ie Trappola shopman Ionel Mihăilescu as a particular cell and expressive as you know, LISAURA ballerina, Anna Karenina a kind of exile, Camelia Maxim which gives them grace to be reluctant, barber hitleroid Agabito - Lawrence Lazarus, seducer Flaminio - Dan Bădărău, neplacida Placida - Anca Neculce and tempestuous Vittoria, played by an actress of force - Oana Ștefănescu. Let's not forget the răsfăţatele "Mr Pandolfo daughters: Cristina - Victoria Oliver and Ojog Constantinescu.
Saviana Stănescu – Adevărul