R.R. – The Comet, The Child and The Dog

based on texts by I.L.Caragiale, directed by Alexandru Dabija

(About the Comet – folk lecture, Romanian Justice. Correctional Department, Mr. Goe..., Bubico, Gloomy Atmosphere)


Gran'ma: Dorina Lazăr
Ma’am Accoucheuse Spiritualist: Rodica Mandache
Bubico’s Mommy: Oana Ștefănescu
Mommy: Paula Niculiţă / Alina Berzunțeanu   
Auntie Miţa, Tincuţa: Nicoleta Lefter
Goe: Constantin Cojocaru / Marius Damian
Bubico’s killer: Ionel Mihăilescu
Controller: Pavel Bartoş
Stage whisperer: Veronica Gherasim

the dog PUCK

Directed by: Alexandru Dabija
Stage design: Cristina Milea
Music: Ada Milea
Video: Cinty Ionescu
Score: Vasile Manta

Tours and festivals

The National Comedy Festival – Galaţi, October 22, 2014
Braşov tour, May 13, 2014
Theatre Festival “No Borders”, Satu Mare, June 1, 2013
The Short Theatre Festival, Oradea, September 25, 2012
The International Theatre Festival, Alba Iulia, October 7, 2012
The International Theatre Festival for the Young Audiences, Iaşi, October 9, 2012
The `Days and Nights` European Theatre Festival, Brăila, October 13, 2012
The International Classic Theatre, Arad, October 26, 2012

Photo gallery

Photos by Octavian Tibăr

Opening night: 25 martie 2012
Duration: 1h 15'

A train is made out of many wagons that are connected to each other and are capable of transporting the merchandise and the travelers on a predetermined track. The way on which it is travelling can be a conventional track, but it can also be a monotrack, this is how the definiton of the word sounds like.

When the propelling is realised with the help of a locomotive-playwrite like Ion Luca Caragiale and a ticket collector such as Alexandru Dabija (who is the stage director), the travel can only be captivating.

About the Comet - folk lecture, Romanian Justice. Correctional Department, Mr. Goe..., Bubico, Gloomy Atmosphere are the texts which offered the stage director Alexandru Dabija a perfect base for a train voyage packed with surprises: you can expect to meet in such a train an eccentric controller, obsessed with cosmic space and imminent appearance of comet Falb, to get nose to nose with a prejudiced Spiritualist, to meet Mam Mare, Mamita and Auntie Mita – naughty Goe’s protectors, to stay away from the man who hates dogs or to comfort Bubico’s loving owner – the son of Garson and Gigica.
On board!

Untill we reach our destination, there are the unruly or disciplined passengers: Dorina Lazăr, Rodica Mandache, Oana Ştefănescu, Paula Niculiţă, Nicoleta Lefter, Constantin Cojocaru / Marius Damian, Ionel Mihăilescu, Pavel Bartoş and Puck puppy in the scenographic ambient of Cristina Milea, cu visual accents provided by Cinty Ionescu. On Ada Milea’s music.
You are welcomed in the wagons!