by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu


Leonida: Constantin Cojocaru
Eftimia: Dorina Lazăr
Safta: Oana Ștefănescu
Ionel Mihăilescu
Mircea Constantinescu
Laurenţiu Lazăr
Marian Lepădatu
Dimitrii Bogomaz
Gabriel Pintilei
Ioan Batinaş
Eugen Cristian Motriuc (voce)
Marian Bălănuță
Valentin Ciupea
Mihai Ifrim
Ştefan Petrea
Săndel Stratulat
Cezar Vlad

Directed by: Mihai Măniuţiu
Stage design: Constantin Ciubotariu
Choreography: Vava Ştefănescu

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Opening night: November 29, 2002

Press reviews

Surprise end of the show is that hallucinations and my wife Leonida revarsă and all over the stage, seem to get a fantastic life, in a delirious blend of candid, and perversion demonic illusions, wild dances and misleading light showers. (...) Text only a few pages, without having said a word, it takes an hour's grotesque vision Măniuţiu. It is a scenic gem of great originality that deserves a chance to be presented at international festivals.
Andrei Băleanu - Radio Deutschewelle (Germania)
Rigid or falsely happy puppets, strange and disturbing appearances, as if coming from Beckett’s plays (isn’t Caragiale a forerunner of the theatre of the absurd ?), the peaceful republicans Leonida and Efimita, played by Constantin Cojocaru, a kind of asthenic mosquito, displaying a dumb joyfulness, and Dorina Lazar, an obese matron, with slow reactions ( a flawless portrait), seem to be minor characters in the all-around motley chaos, whose fetid stench seems to surround you… A “mean” performance, a sad, bitter performance, that makes you suffer and is born out of suffering… A true Caragialean performance in the Caragiale year, the Caragiale century, the Caragiale millenium….
Alice Georgescu - Ziarul de Duminică, December 22, 2002