by Vintilă Rusu Sirianu, directed by Ion Aurel Maican


A play in eight scenes

Stage design:  Filip Dumitriu and Nicolae Teodoru
Directed by:  Ion Aurel Maican 

Excerpt from the order nr. 34641 / 1 P, 23rd of February 1946, published in the Officcial acts of CFR, nr. 1670/II/1946

In order to raise the cultural level of its workers, on the 1st of January1946, CFR establise in Bucuresti, a theatre named “C.F.R. Theatre”

Excerpt from the working notes of “The Workes’ Theatre” C F.R. Giulesti Friday, the 27th of September

Efervescence was played forv the first time in front of external and internal authorities, under the patronage of comrade minister Gh. Gheorghiu Dej, Dr. Petru Groza, Chivu Stoica, etc. of the ruling committee, president ing. Zoltan Ghialy Members: N.N. Șerbănescu, C. Bărcănescu, V. Badiu, Scica Nicanov, Boca Florea, Sergiu Demetrescu, Corneliu Sabin, directed by comrade Aurel Ion Maican. Assistant directors: Cărbunaru Stelian and Neleanu Ion.


Opening night: September 27, 1946