Theatre parts

Odeon Theatre

Firs in The Cherry Orchard by A.P. Cehov, directed by Sorin Militaru
The King of Salem in The Alchemist Scenario by Radu Măcrinici, directed by Maria Colțeanu
Ion Sorcova in Miss Nastasia by G.M. Zamfirescu, directed by Horea Popescu
Old comic actor in Tonight we improvise by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Alexa Visarion
Marcel in Waiting for somebody else by Paul Ioachim, directed by Tudor Mărăscu
Figaro in The barber from Sevilla by Beaumarchais, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Surdu in Poor billionaire by Tudor Popescu, directed by Florin Fătulescu
Boult in Pericle by W. Shakespeare, directed by Dinu Cernescu
The compere Chitlaru in Public opinion by Aurel Baranga, directed by Geta Vlad
Ioan Antonov in The two sided coat by S.Stratiev, directed by Alexandru Tocilescu
Mica Stanimirovici in A mourning family by Branislav Nusici, directed by L. Popa
Belu in The comedy without title by Ion Băieșu, directed by George Banică
Starforel in The romancers by Edmond Rostand, directed by Geta Vlad
Miron in A nameless star by Mihail Sebastian, directed by Geta Vlad
Zenas Wit in Week-end at Spoon River by Lee Adgar, directed by M. Stan
Henry in The grate expedition by H.Muller, directed by Dinu Cernescu
Nica in Liola by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Al. Toscani
Ionică Para in Don't make shop with staircase by Eugen Barbu, directed by Sanda Manu
The fireman II in Prompter's revenge by V.I. Popa, directed by C. Gheorghiu