The Gardens of Horror

By Daniel Call, A performance by Mariana Cămărăşan and Alexandra Penciuc


Sonni Esser: Ioana Flora
Sonni’s husband: Ioan Batinaş
Sigi’s brother: Marius Damian
Friedo’s wife: Antoaneta Zaharia

A performance by: Mariana Cămărăşan and Alexandra Penciuc
Translated by: Victor Scoradeț

Photo Gallery

Photos by Octavian Tibăr

Opening night: November 5, 2011
Duration: 2 h

Sigi and Sonni settle down in the countryside. The dreamer chemist and the agile boutique owner fulfill their dream of an idyllic life. But they choose to move in the immediate vicinity of Sigi’s brother, Friedo, laborer, and his wife, Frieda, housewife and mother of five children. At this point there is a clash between two incompatible worlds. Frieda and Friedo, two rude people, shock the intellectuals from the city with their lifestyle and because Frieda is attending the People School history course on the Third Reich, the above are served seasoned with half-learned observations. Until it reaches the inevitable escalation of the conflict: a Total War that the two women are leading in the gardens in front and behind the houses.