a contemporary dance and stand-up comedy


Concept: Răzvan Mazilu
Stand-up comedy: Dan Badea
Cast: Răzvan Mazilu
Music: Romica Puceanu
Choreography: Nadar Rosano


Răzvan Mazilu - Confidential Award for the Saraiman performance
Răzvan Mazilu - VIP Award for the Saraiman performance

Tours and Festivals

E-Motional Bacău dance connection Festival, Bacău, May 29, 2015
The Romanian Drama Festival, Timişoara, 11 June 2014
The `Toma Caragiu` Theatre Festival, Ploieşti, 31 May 2014
`Days and Nights of Theatre`, Brăila, 3 October 2013
Tour in Braşov, 29 September 2013
Theatrical Caravan in Arad, 24 September 2013
Short Theatre Festival in Oradea, 23 September 2013
„Dilema Veche” Festival in Alba Iulia, 30 august 2013
International Festival of Education, Iaşi, June 15, 2013
conTEMPO dance festival, Timisoara, 10 June 2013

Photo Gallery

Photos by Ana Maria Moldovan

Opening night: April 26, 2013
Duration: 1h