by Constantin Cheianu, directed by Cristian Ban


Igor: Mihai Smarandache
Viorel: Marius Damian
Sergiu: Dimitrii Bogomaz
Ion: Gabriel Pintilei
Donatas: Relu Poalelungi
Igor's mother: Irina Mazanitis

Directed by: Cristian Ban
Stage design: Cristina Milea

Tours and Festivals

New International Theatre Festival, Arad, May 12, 2013
Theatre Festival in Piatra Neamț, October 25, 2010
BITEI Festival in Chișinau, May 24, 2010
Romanian Drama Festival, Timișoara, April 13, 2009


MARIUS DAMIAN - Best Actor Award at Theatre Festival in Piatra Neamț, 2010
CRISTINA MILEA - Best stage design at Theatre Festival in Piatra Neamț, 2010

Photo Gallery

Photos by George Dăscălescu

Opening night: November 21, 2009
Duration: 1h 30'

About the migration phenomenon we know from the media and television that these means only situates it, paradoxically, in a sort of virtual space. One has the impression that everything happens `somewhere`, to `someone`, not `here` and `to us`. Afterwards, `the means` by which our people illegally arrive in occidental countries appear so unlikely to happen, that one ends up suspect the journalist of seeking the sensational. When I happen to hear these `unlikely` incidents right from the people who took part in them, I was real shocked. In front of me there was standing a young man I know, who `travelled` from Belgium to Ireland in a container. Because it was a sealed container, himself and three other persons - two men and a woman - had to be put inside a plastic bag and they had to breath through an airline, whose end was made with a creeper by the trafficker who sent them to Ireland.
My shock was doubled by that well-known feeling of the writer who tell himself `this can be a good subject for a play`. It is the first `documentary` play that I wrote, all facts that are relevant in the play are based on real facts and the characters have prototypes in the real life. I only had to do make a unitary subject out of different people lifes (some of them have never met in the real life).
Constantin Cheianu