I’m coming back from far away

by Claudine Galea, directed by Theo Herghelegiu


Camille: Ana Maria Moldovan
Timpul: Gelu Niţu
Paul: Mugur Arvunescu
Lucy: Diana Gheorghian
Marc: Ioan Batinaş
Cezarinne: Cătălina Mustaţă
Bertha: Crina Mureşan
Anna: Paula Niculiţă
Dianne: Ioana Anastasia Anton

Directed by: Theo Herghelegiu
Translated by: Anca Rotescu
Stage design: Dan Titza
Music: Mihai Biță
Choreography: Andreea Duță
Choreography assistant: Mihaela Culda

Photo Gallery

Photos by Octavian Tibăr

Opening night: June 6, 2012
Duration: 1h 45'

I’m Coming Back from Far Away (2003) is written as a musical score, with foreplay, improvisation, first, second and third movement. The author indicates, moreover, that if there is a piano on stage, it should be transparent. The construction of the play is very particular, exploded, strips of voices are talking to each other, songs are played, dialogues are disturbed by interior monologues, the neighbors change their views... A whole universe of voices seeking to make visible the invisible.