choreography Massimo Gerardi


Răzvan Mazilu
Judith State
Laura Andrei
Bianca Patrichi
Irina Strungăreanu
Vanda Ştefănescu
Cristian Chiș
Mircea Ghinea
Levente Szasz
Florin Tănase
Mihai Smarandache

A performance by: Massimo Gerardi
Stage design: Eveline Havertz
Costumes: Răzvan Mazilu
Choreography assistant: Lisa Gropp

Tours and Festivals

International Theatre Festival, Sibiu, 5th of June 2010
Romanian Drama Festival, Timișoara, 13th of April 2009

Photo Gallery

Photos by George Dăscălescu

Opening night: March 12, 2010
Duration: 1h 05'

Press reviews

Depeche // Dance can be considered a show-event, both for theatrical movement, and for the modern dance. It is a show that blends the emotional impact of music produced by the band "Depeche Mode" with original theatrical videos experienced live on stage, in the eyes of the spectators, by true artists of body expression is the modern dance which is the most near to the theatre dominated by the word.
Razvan Mazilu accustomed his audience with a kind of show that mixes dance with theatre, changing the image of what we call contemporary dance in a performance highly accessible. Whether solo or in real deployment, whether dancing or just choreographing, the name Mazilu guarantees this kind of spectacle cheered by the public.
Depeche // Dance is a cool show, with the rhythm of a concert and good dancers.
Cristiana Gavrilă
Parodic moments (the inflatable guitars or the appearance of the singer) gets a share in the economy of the show, giving a theatrical dimension to an epic development, exciting, with inner rhythm, symmetrically ordered, with expressive fireworks effect that enhances through humor a part of the dance numbers.
The dancers, dressed in appropriate costumes, tastefully designed by Razvan Mazilu, send a complex message, open to cultural connections in a successful show.
Alina Boboc – Cronica Română
It's dancing, but it's primarily a cultural approach, even anthropological, because it is about dancing art, and also music, the music of a generation, of an era, of a world.
Coordinator and lead singer (it's a way of speaking) of this show is Razvan Mazilu. Present, creative, expressive, Mazilu always impress because it is involved hundred percent in every one seconds of the show. It's incredible how he uses his own body, which is not only a creative tool for creation, but creation itself.
Răzvana Niţă