by Arthur Kopit, directed by Alexandru Mâzgăreanu


Joseph Elliot: Ionel Mihăilescu
Joanne Summerhays Elliot: Elvira Deatcu
Costa Astrakhan: Mihai Smarandache
Orin Slake: Marian Ghenea
Dennis McAlvane: Ioan Batinaş

Directed by: Alexandru Mâzgăreanu
Stage design: Andrada Chiriac
Music: Alexandru Suciu
Translated by: Mihaela Michailov
Translation assistant: Vlad Arghir

Tours and festivals

Theatre Festival, Piatra Neamț, 15 November

Photo Gallery

Photos by Bogdan Stângă

Opening night: October 1, 2011
Duration: 1h 30'

An edgy, erotically charged information-age thriller, this new play by award-winning playwright Arthur Kopit exposes the control that computers can have over lives, morality, even bank accounts. In BecauseHeCan, Kopit questions our relationship to the technology we use and create, and illuminates our fears of being dominated or manipulated by our own inventions.