Odeon Theatre presents

Tuesday, February 25 , 19.30, Hall Majestic
the reading performance 


by Marilia SAMPER
translated by Florin GALIŞ şi Iunia MIRCESCU
directed by Vlad CRISTACHE

The show will takes place in the presence of the author and will be followed by discussions with the audience.


Wednesday, February 26, between 13h00 – 15h00, Marilia Samper will hold a playwrighting workshop at the National University of Theatre and Film, Bucharest.
The event takes place with the support of PAV in Rome (Italy), Off Limits (Madrid, Spain), the Cervantes Institute and the National University of Theatre and Film, Bucharest
Three families marked by loss: A married couple which falls apart after the disappearance of their adolescent daughter; a father and son unable to communicate because of the absence of the mother; an elderly couple whose happiness is threatened by the thought of losing one another.
Wracked by pain, anguish, and uncertainty, they confront as best they can their particular tragedy, but little by little their lives will intersect until they blend into the same story: that of Alba, lost in the thickness of the forest, and her own journey through horror and salvation.

"I'm interested in human nature and that which moves people to act, sometimes, in strange ways in certain situations. In my writing I try to explore those dark corners of the individual, to delve into their fears, their obsessions, their desires, always from a recognizable context, in which the spectator can feel himself identified, but leaving a space for the imagination and the poetic. My writing is visceral, because I like to talk about what hurts: about pain, about loneliness, about death, about violence, because those are my fears and also the fears of all of us."

Marilia Samper

She was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, in 1974, of a Brazilian mother and father from Seville. After living in various countries, when she was twelve years old she came to live permanently in Spain. She spent her entire adolescence in Andalusia and it was there that she began to enter the world of the theater. She studied acting at Theatre Institute of Seville, and worked with various Sevillian companies, such as Viento Sur Teator, La Matrona, and the Andalusian Theater Center. Almost by chance, she begins to write. With her first texts winning prizes and being published, she comes to Barcelona in 2001 and gets a degree in Stage Direction and Theater Arts from Theatre Institute. Since then, she has developed her career as an author and director, and has been performed on the most-emblematic stages of Barcelona.

Plays, all of them published and staged: Pequeños Monstrous (Little Monsters), 2013, UDOL, 2012, Sombras (L' Ombra Al Meu Costat) (Shadows. The Shadow Beside Me), 2012, Dos Punkis y Un Vespino (Two Punks and a Vespino), 2010, for which she was awarded by Theatre Institute of Barcelona for the best text for a show, Pleasure and Pain, 2009, Un verdadero cowboy (A True Cowboy), 2006, for which she received the Juan de Timoneda Prize for Theater in Spanish in the XXIV edition of the Ciutat de Valencia Literary Prize 2006. 2nd prize in the VI Carlos Carvalho National Playwrighting competition of Porto Alegre (Brasil). In 2004, along with other authors she writes La Orilla Perra del Mundo. In 2002, she wrote Daily Menu and in 2001 the play 405. For both of them was 1st runner up of the Miguel Romero Esteo Award for young Andalusian authors and the Marqués de Bradomín National Award for Young Playwrights.

FABULAMUNDI. PLAYWRITING EUROPE is a winning project of the Culture Programme 2007-2013 and its aim is to promote contemporary drama, translators, playwrights and their texts, with the support of theatrical institutions in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Romania. It was initiated by PAV Association of Rome and the co-organizers are Off Limits (Madrid, Spain) and the National Theatre of Târgu Mureș. This year’s edition proposes translations and readings of plays on the theme "Dangerous Opportunity" and, also, play-writing workshops held by the invited playwrights.

Odeon Theatre started this edition of the project in November 12, 2013 with the reading performance The Payback by Michele Santeramo (Italy) and will continue with the playwrights from Germany and France.

It is a pleasure to welcome you!