The Odeon Theatre host reading-performances since 2002. In 2009, the reading-performances series was revived on contemporary texts in partnership with the Cultural Foundation “Camil Petrescu” under the generic Nowadays playwrites at Odeon.n.

Reading-perfomances programmed for the season 2008-2009:

1. Cloaca by Maria Goos, translated by Liliana Alexandrescu, distribution: Mircea Constantinescu, Mugur Arvunescu, Marian Ghenea, Dan Bădărău & Rada Ixari, directed by Cristian Dumitru.

23 of November 2009 - event that took place with the participation of the author and that of Peter Blok, actor in one of the leading roles at the absolut premiere of the play, as well as for the film realized after the author's script.

The reading performance was followed by discusions with the public, moderated by the translator of the play Liliana Alexandrescu.

Performance within the programme Nowadays playwrites at Odeon V, realized in partnership with "Camil Petrescu" Cultural Foundation and with the support of The Theatre Institut in Amsterdam.

2. Allegretto Albania by Stefan Capaliku from the volume Contemporary Drama from Balcans.
Distribution: Mugur Arvunescu, Irina Mazanitis, Relu Poalelungi, Nicoleta Lefter, Mircea Cretu, Cătălina Mustață, Dimitrii Bogomaz and Marian Lepădatu.
Directed by: Cristian Dumitru
11 of May 2009 – event that took place with the participation of the author, followed by discussions with the public.

3. The night of the bear by Ignacio del Moral
Translation: Alina Cantacuzino
Distribution: Relu Poalelungi, Mihai Smărăndache, George Albert Costea, Ana Maria Moldovan
Directed by: Cristian Dumitru
26 of January 2009 – event that took place with the participation of the author

4. In Container by Constantin Cheianu
Distribution: Dorina Lazăr, Marius Stănescu, Dimitrii Bogomaz, Mihai Smărăndache, Relu Poalelungi, Ion Bechet
Directed by: Cristian Dumitru
18 of February 2009 - event that took place with the participation of the author The reading was followed by discussions with the public, governed theatre critique Andreea Dumitru and sociologist Dumitru Sandu.

5. The Bear Night by Ignacio del Moral
translated by: Alina Cantacuzino
Cast: Relu Poalelungi, Mihai Smărăndache, George Albert Costea, Ana Maria Moldovan
Regia: Cristian Dumitru
26 of January 2009 - event held with the author.

Reading-perfomances programmed for the season 2004-2005:

Elisabeta Rizea, scenario by Rodica Mandache after The story of Elisabeta Rizea from Nucșoara by Irina Nicolau, directed by Atilla Visauer

Amalia breath deep by Alina Nelega,directed by Alina Nelega

The Game by Antoaneta Zaharia, directed by Antoaneta Zaharia

Group of blind people in a theatre/b> by Iosif Naghiu, directed by Dan Vasile

Among of those texts are add contemporary plays propose by dramAcum. The translations project dramAcum is sponsored by Ratiu Foundation Romania and ProHelvetia
1. Oxygen by Ivan Viripaev-Russia
2. The Titanic Orchestra by Hristo Boytchev – Bulgaria
3. The Phoenix and the Chicken by Andreas Flourakis – Greece
4. The Powder Keg by Dejan Dukovski - Macedonia
5. The Phantoms by Jelena Kajgo - Serbia
6. Jasiek by Andrzei Maleszka - Poland

In the 2003 - 2004 season was presented following plays:

1. The woman in the manuscripte by Lia Bugnar
Cast: Adriana Trandafir, Sorin Leoveanu, Gabriel Pintilei, Pavel Bartoș, Dimitrii Bogomaz, Paula Niculiță
Directed by: Gina Lazăr

2. Pink elephants. Yellow elephants. And Men by Lucian Dan Teodorovici
Cast: Petre Nicolae, Mircea Constantinescu, Dan Bădărău, Gelu Nițu, Carmen Tănase, Paula Niculiță, Gabriel Pintilei, Dimitrii Bogomaz
Directed by Horațiu Mihaiu

3. The wedding at the first floor by Dan Lungu
Directed by Peter Kerek

4. History of the Comunism, Told for Mentally Disordered by Matei Vișniec
Directed by Răzvan Popa

5. A taste of the Orchids by Ștefan Caraman
Directed by Szabo K. Istvan
Cast: Dimitrii Bogomaz, Marian Lepadatu, Mircea Constantinescu, Ana-Maria Moldovan, Liviu Timuș, Mircea N. Crețu

6. Popescu's Art, a script by Gavriil Pinte, after the antum and postumus work of Cristian Popescu, directed by Gavriil Pinte,
Stage design by Constantin Ciubotariu
Cast : Dorina Lazăr, Adriana Trandafir, Rodica Mandache, Cătălina Mustață, Oana Ștefănescu, Liana Mărgineanu, Paula Niculiță, Florin Zamfirescu, Mugur Arvunescu, Laurențiu Lazăr, Mircea Constantinescu, Ionel Mihăilescu

We wish to continue this project during next seasons, as well, so we wait for proposals from authors, directors and all those who are interested to promote Romanian drama.