Odeon and the audience

In order to keep the present audience of the Odeon theatre, and to attract new spectators, we have launched the programme “The Odeon and the Audience”, It’s an ambitious long-term programme, that has as its target the audience, the spectator and the spectators.

Those who want to spend two hours in the fascinating world of the theatre, those who choose theatre out of the entertainment forms are waited for at the Odeon theatre, where, once a month a discussion with the spectators will take place.

The Odeon Theatre challenges the audience, after the poll of 2000-2001, when over 200 spectators answered our questions.

The immediate objectives of the programme are:

- the identification of the Odeon audience’s needs
- the establishing of a dialogue with the audience
- the regular communication with the audience, in order to improve our artistic offer
- the drawing of the young spectators

The long-term objectives are:

- the education of the young spectators, thus creating constant audience for the Odeon theatre
- the establishing of direct contacts between the Odeon Theatre and the audience

This project wants to encourage a direct communication with the public and to make direct contacts between the creators of the performances and their audience.

The means to fulfill this project are:

Organizing meetings with the audience after the performance
Creatind a data base for faithful spectators, who will receive by e-mail regular information about the performances, the premieres and the new projects of the Odeon theatre.

Why ?

In order to establish a direct, close contact with the spectators.
Because the audience and theatre creators fail to communicate.
In order to find out the reactions, the expectations, the disappointments and the needs of the audience.
Because the Odeon Theatre is more than a theatre hall, more than an institution: it’s a team of actors, directors, stage-designers, technicians.
Because the PR department of the Odeon Theatre has discovered that the spectators want to communicate with our team, to “feel” the people behind the scene, to come to a friendly theatre.
Because to us, the audience’s opinion matters !

One of the most ambitious points of our project is the selling tickets on-line.