Juvenile Delinquency continued the series of reunions within the Theatre and Society programme.

Two texts were selected:
Victor`s world… or how you can die in five days by Robert Hoisan
Juvenile Delinquency by Cătălina Păun

These were presented on the 29th of November 2006.
Directed by: Andreea Vălean
Cast: Antoaneta Zaharia, Camelia Maxim, Nicolae Urs, Florin Dobrovici, Pavel Bartoș, Mircea Constantinescu, Nicolae Petre, Dimitrii Bogomaz, Grațiela Tohari, Adrian Drăgănescu, Ninel Surdu.

Guests at the debate:
Niki Andreescu, The Bucharest City Hall – Child Protection
Adrian Botan, McCann Erickson
Gianina Cărbunariu, director
Radu Apostol, director
Paul Bargetto (SUA), director
Andreea Vălean, director
Iulia Ciolca, Bucharest Court
Ana Maria Cârstea, Save the children
Gheorghe Ghidanac, Rahova Penitentiary
Sorin Mitulescu, National Agency for Supporting Youth Initiative
Gabriel Oancea, Probation Service of the Bucharest Court
Mihaela Săsărman, TRANSCENA Association
Irina Stănescu, Chance for Life Foundation
Monalisa Cârstea, European Integration Service, National Authority for Protection of Children`s Rights
Claudia Andrei, National Agency for Supporting Youth Initiatives