Odeon Theatre presents
on Tuesday, 12 November, 19h30, at Studio Hall
the reading performance


by Michele SANTERAMO
translated by Eva SIMON
directed by Vlad CRISTACHE
cast: Cristian IACOB, Gabriel PINTILEI, Alina BERZUNŢEANU, Crina MUREŞAN, Mihai CALOTĂ
The mise en espace will be presented in the presence of the author and will be followed by discussions with the audience.


Michele Santeramo, author-actor was born on 22 August 1974.
He wrote Nobili e Porci libri, Konfine (shortlisted for ENZIMI 2003), Accadueò (VOCI DELL’ANIMA Award 2004), Murgia (special mention at GENERAZIONE SCENARIO 2003), Vico Angelo Custode, Sacco e Vanzetti, loro malgrado, published by Editoria & Spettacolo. He also wrote Le scarpe, Cirano, Sogno degli artigiani in 2007 and Fanculopensiero stanza 510. Sequestro all’italiana (finalist at Riccione per il Teatro Award 2009). He is author of Le Scarpe together with Teatro Minimo and co-produced by Fondazione Pontedera Teatro (2010) and La rivincita (2012). He won the Riccione per il Teatro Award 2011 with Il guaritore. In 2012 he wrote Il giorno del Signore.

„I'd define myself as a living author rather than a contemporary one. My works often deal with people with a strong connection to the land they live on. Another key element is the South, meant not as a geographical place but as a social dimension everyone can belong to, either you live in Vienna or Tunis. A South inhabited by disadvantaged people who still claim their right to live.”

Michele Santeramo

In The Payback, Vincenzo works the land. The pesticides used in agriculture have caused him a form of sterility and he can’t give his wife a baby. They expropriated the land he used to live off and he ends up tangled up in a net of lent money, difficulties, problems. A story about the land and creature comforts, with no room for desire.

On Wednesday, 13 November, between 13h00 – 15h00, Michele Santeramo will held a workshop at the University of Theatre and Film, Bucharest.

The project FABULAMUNDI. Playwriting Europe, among the winning projects of the Culture Programme 2007-2013, is promoted by PAV (IT), Off Limits (ES), Teatrul National Targu Mures (RO) and a European network of theatres, festivals in Italy, Spain, Romania, Germany and France, as Festival delle Colline Torinesi, Short Theatre, Teatro i, Centro Parraga, Teatro Pradillo, Festival Grec, Deutsches Theater, Teatrul Odeon, Festival ActOral.

The II edition of FABULAMUNDI. Playwriting Europe involves writers and theaters of five countries – France, Germany, Italy, Romania and Spain – around the theme The dangerous opportunity.

At Odeon Theatre the project is opened on 12 November and will continue next year with new authors from Spain, Germany and France.

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